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Support for Counseling Professionals

Welcome to the professional consulting branch of the SPRIGS Counseling Collaborative family. This space has been specifically created to provide you with support and information on your own journey as a helping professional. Although a large part of the focus is geared toward helping new clinicians, whether you are fresh out of school or a seasoned practitioner, we are here to help.


We are excited to be able to serve as a center of support and empowerment for other mental health professionals. We are committed to helping other clinicians achieve their own personal and professional growth. 


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Find resources to help you through your licensing process.

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One-on-one consultation is offered to support clinician's with a variety of issues including: pre-licensing challenges, issues with Direction/Supervision, Ethical decision making, general child development questions, co-parenting concerns, mandated reporting issues, private practice/business building, and more.

Leadership Presentation

Check out our upcoming workshops and training events.

Support Group

Learn more about the therapist support groups that we offer. We offer groups for new clinicians as well as seasoned professionals.

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