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Mother's Support Group

Mothering through a pandemic.

We are excited to be offering a new support group for moms who are still dealing with managing the challenges of parenting during this pandemic. Some folks are still working from home, daycares and schools close for days at a time on a moment’s notice due to Covid exposure/scares. Moms are still having to parent while simultaneously working and at times teaching their little ones. Moms are also navigating so much more than the already overwhelming responsibilities that come with everyday parenting. We wanted to create a space of support, validation, and rallying around.


This group will be held online for 8-weeks. The group starts Saturday, September 11th at 11am and will run till 12:30pm (EST). Participants will also receive a carefully curated self-care box filled with goodies that promote rest, relaxation and a little indulgence.

These groups are facilitated by Vanay Butler

To register, email: 

Or complete the info request form below.

Mother and Baby on Floor
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