Services Currently Offered


Behavioral assessments allow the therapist to observe and interpret behaviors in a natural setting. The clinician is able to use the information gathered through observation to make recommendations for modifying behaviors as needed.

Biopsychosocial assessment is an evaluation that includes a series of specific questions, checklists, and diagnostic tools geared toward identifying needs by examining the social, biological, psychological and cultural variables that can affect an individual’s behavior or level of functioning.


Individual Therapy: Child, Adolescent, and Adult therapy sessions with the identified client.

Couples Therapy: Sessions held with couples looking to enhance or improve their relationship.

Group Therapy: More than two individuals meeting with the therapist to explore and process issues common to all participants. 


Groups offered includeTeen Support Group (self-harm, self-esteem), Parents of Special Needs Children Support Group, LGBT Support Group for Teens, Support Group for Parents of LGBT Youth.

Play Therapy: Sessions that incorporate play activities This is a great method for working with young children.

Academic Support

Education AdvocacyAssistance navigating IEP issues and concerns including attending meetings at school to provide support and assistance as needed.

Specialty Areas

Child and Adolescent Therapy:


Oppositional Behaviors

General Behavior Modification

Problematic Sexual Behaviors


Autism Spectrum Disorder Skill Building


Gender and LGBT related issues

Anger Management



Adult Therapy:


Anger Management


Domestic Violence

Gender Identity and LGBT Related Issues


Life Stage/Changes


Relationship Issues

Communication Skills

Non-traditional Couples


General Parenting Skills

After Divorce Co-parenting Counseling

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Find help for Anger Management,

Child or Adolescent Issues,

Emotional Abuse Therapy,

LGBT Issues, Parenting,

Sexual Abuse, Social Anxiety,

Trauma and PTSD