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Sex Therapy is specialized therapy that addresses concerns related to sexual function. Some of the issues that can be supported through sex therapy include; concerns about sexual desire or arousal, sexual interests or orientation, compulsive sexual behaviors, erectile functioning concerns, issues related to painful intercourse, intimacy issues and concerns regarding past unwanted sexual experiences. 

What to expect?

  • Sessions will last 60 minutes.

  • Confidentiality is paramount. Details of your sessions are not discussed with anyone unless you give written permission outlining specifics and limitations on information to be shared. 

  • When working with couples, partners are encouraged to pursue their own individual therapy outside of the couples work. It is important for each partner to have their own space and time to work through personal issues as this is incredibly helpful to what they will bring to the therapy session. 

  • You may receive appointment reminders via text and are welcome to request a schedule changes in the same manner. However, text messaging beyond discussing scheduling changes is NOT allowed. Your therapist WILL NOT be able to respond to messages via text outside of scheduling changes. 

  • There is a required 24 hour notice for appointment cancellation. If your session is not cancelled within the 24 hour window, you will be charged for the session regardless of attendance. 

  • Your therapy session will be a dedicated hour to address your needs. We encourage you to be open and honest not just about your goals but also about how you are feeling throughout the process. Allow us to make this as positive a process as possible for you.

Sex therapy Vinings Georgia
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