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Therapists Support Group


This group has been formed in order to serve as a source and support for helping professionals whether LPC, LCSW, ST, APC, MSW, etc. All clinicians are welcome. We do ask that Supervisors and Directors not attend in order to allow Clinician Participants a safe space to ask questions or address concerns related to the licensing process and/or work experience. Participants can expect to receive peer support in sharing and processing their experiences as counselors in the mental health field.

Participants will also gain access to tools and resources that can help launch their careers. Resources may include: samples of logs for tracking contact hours and documenting supervision in pre-license process, information for proper completion of licensing application, understanding 1099 vs. W2 employment opportunities, navigating contracts and expectations of work sites, information on ethical considerations and best practices as a helping professional, etc.  The group tends to flow organically based on the needs and experiences of those who participate at each meeting.

Meetings are held on the FIRST Sunday of each month with some exceptions for holidays and special events. Time is 1:30pm-3:00pm. Meeting is being held online for now due to the pandemic. If interested in attending, email: in order to request a link to the video conference. 

Upcoming Dates:​ 

April 2
June 4th
August 6th
October 1st
November 5th
December 3rd

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