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Play Therapy

Therapy can be a scary thing to tackle for any adult. When it is about a child in need of therapy, scary doesn’t begin to describe it. As play therapists our work is about helping children achieve their greatest potential. That includes working with parents to navigate the challenges of raising a happy and healthy child. We aim to empower parents to recognize their own strengths, trust in their innate ability to parent, and learn how to support their children to development social and emotional health.

What to expect?

  • Sessions will last 45-60 minutes (depending on child's age and attention span.)

  • Confidentiality is just as important for your child as it is for you. Kids have very few things that are just their own. The play therapy process and their relationship with their therapist is one thing that needs to be all for them. Please do your best to resist the urge to ask your child what they did during their therapy session. This can put pressure on them to comment on something they may have difficulty understanding themselves.

  • Please don’t ask your child to ‘be good’ or ask if they "were good" in session. Therapy is not about being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and your child must feel free to express ‘bad’ feelings in an uncensored way.

  • It's important that your child feel free to express him/herself at their own pace. So we would ask that you not expect your child to talk about certain things or address specific issues at each session. Please allow the process to flow organically.  

  • Part of play therapy will involve parent sessions without the child. At these sessions you will discuss with the therapist the many ways that you can best support your child.

  • Please be aware that during any therapeutic intervention, behaviors may appear to get worse before they get better – tell your child’s Play Therapist if you have any concerns.

  • You may receive appointment reminders via text. However, text messaging beyond discussing scheduling changes is NOT allowed. Your therapist WILL NOT respond to messages via text outside of scheduling changes. 

  • There is a required 24 hour notice for appointment cancellation. If your session is not cancelled within the 24 hour window, you will be charged for the session regardless of attendance. 

The following therapists are available to support you through your growth:

Liz Diaz

Afiya Yabuku

Play therapy Vinings
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